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Buyers are not limited to individual collectors, they also include interior designers, corporations, and licensees. As an artist, you should be aware of these categories and which ones you would want to buy your art. Diversifying your client base empowers your work to reach new viewers you might have not been able to meet on your own.

Making your art available to the corporate market will greatly enhance your artist career. Working with clients of this capacity is often associated with artistic success.

Let’s explore the ways you can get projects from the corporate world.

Contact corporations directly

It does not hurt to start with your own outreach tactics, such as cold emailing. Pick companies that you think would harmonize with your art or whose art collections are aligned with your art genre. However, do not contact organizations that directly state they do not accept proposals. Be professional when you reach out; send your artist statement and portfolio. If you receive a rejection, do not overthink it, you can still offer to have them join your newsletter to at least build a relationship.

Agencies and art consultants

When you are first starting out, it might be hard to get patrons on your own. Many companies like to use agencies and art consultants instead of working with the artists directly, so you may want to consider registering or partnering with one of these professionals. An agency or consultant will save you time by looking for jobs on your behalf and giving you access to larger clients that you would not be able to get by yourself. In return, you will get deducted commissions for their service. As long as you are paid well, consider the fees as your way to build your portfolio to attract clients in the future.

Use your network and expand it

Having a diversified network is useful. Being referred to corporate projects by someone in your network will give you an added advantage and make it a smooth conversion. It is ok to start small and locally, work within the network of organizations that is easily accessible through the people you know.

Some companies want to find you

These corporations do not want to receive unsolicited submissions, they are usually the biggest opportunities. Instead, they prefer to find you and reach out. Besides knowing who can refer you to them, you should keep on creating work, build your artist image, and leave your mark in the industry. Eventually, your success will raise awareness about your work and bring patrons to you.


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