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#124 – Philip Colbert

Philip Colbert (AKA The Lobster). We speak with Philip, whose been called the Godson of Andy Warhol, about this work and the significance of the Lobster character. We also discuss his recent exhibition and how he's stayed busy creating during the pandemic.

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Philip Colbert


Born in Scotland and living and working in London. Colbert is often referred to as the “godson of Andy Warhol”. Colbert has created a global following for his cartoon lobster persona and his masterful hyper pop history paintings. His work powerfully explores the patterns of contemporary digital culture and its relationship to a deeper art historical dialogue.

“I became an artist when I became a Lobster” says Colbert. ​

Graduating with an MA in Philosophy from St.Andrews University, Colbert's work has received international acclaim in museums and galleries worldwide for his energetic new approach to painting and pop theory.

Following on from early Pop painters such as Richard Hamilton, Roy Lichtenstein and James Rosenquist. Colbert's paintings cross high art themes from old master paintings and contemporary art theory with everyday symbols of mass contemporary culture, all narrated through the eyes of Colbert's cartoon Lobster alter ego. ​

He has been championed as a contemporary pop master by art world figures such as Charles Saatchi & Simon De Pury. ​

Colbert's seminal NEW PAINTINGS & HUNT PAINTINGS show's at Saatchi Gallery in 2017 & 2018 showed his transition into epic Large scale works on canvas, and has lead to a series of Museum shows worldwide.


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