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#48 – Cj Hendry

Inside the vibrant world of Cj Hendry, a visionary artist from Brisbane to New York, known for her hyper-photorealistic drawings and immersive exhibits. Cj reveals the motivation behind her unique creations like Monochrome and Rorschach, and the impact of her work on audiences worldwide. Delve into the essence of her art, which merges viewer interaction with stunning visual narratives, and discover what it takes to be among the 3,000 collectors awaiting her pieces. This interview offers a rare glimpse into Cj's process and the art of making viewers part of the masterpiece.

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Empowering the Creator

Clean Break (powered by Always Art) is reshaping the art world to be more open, trusting, collaborative, and profitable. As a forum for the world’s most influential art insiders to provide their stories and best practices, we work to break down the barriers facing artists and art professionals alike.

In an industry comprised of unspoken rules, we aim to make artists and gallerists thrive based on talent rather than privilege and build a world where art can speak for itself. The art world has undergone a major transformation as a result of social media and the internet, and with Clean Break, we are coming together help gallerists and artists find success in this new era by offering solutions and tools to reshape the industry.


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Some Testimonials

They don't teach you this stuff in Art School

“I Love this podcast. I've been sending it to a lot my friends who are artists because there is such lack of clarity out there on what it means to be an artist. Yes it's rad to do what you love, yes creativity and passion are essential, but also it's about being professional and treating your career like a straight up business.”

– Makaio Kawika

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