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#105 – Cooper, Mags Munroe, & Tenzing

Matt chats with artists Cooper, Mags Munroe and Tenzing. They talk about the origins of their careers, opportunities that impacted them and pointers on navigating your career as a young artist.

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Tenzing, a mural artist who gained widespread attention during 2019's BLINK Art Festival, may be the youngest. By day, he's 18-year-old Owen Gunderman, but as Tenzing, he creates high-contrast works with bold lines, expansive landscapes, and enigmatic characters that seem to come to life off the brick he paints.



Cooper is a young artist in his late 20’s who’s well known in Los Angeles for his large wildflower murals splashed on the sides of buildings. He has also done commission work for Puma in collaboration with the late Nipsey Hussle, was a Mountain Dew partnered artist for the 2019 Dew Tour, and had a collab with Vans. In other words, this guy’s star power is rising faster than Blue Origin.

Born and raised in Evansville, Indiana, Cooper attended art school where he ended up getting his BA in graphic design. He later moved to Miami where he worked as a graphic designer for a record label. It was in Miami that he became inspired to create his own artwork and really started cutting his teeth.

Cooper then moved to Los Angeles and taught himself how to paint. Using color combinations and patterns that inspired him, he started creating gorgeous wildflower artworks—and influential brands started to take notice. Cooper decided in 2019 that it was time to get back to his roots and that he needed some time and space to expand both physically and mentally. So, he made the move back to Evansville, where he’d have a much larger studio with the creative space to grow.


Mags Munroe

"my name is mags (she/her). I’m a 22 year old artist from the east coast of the United States. I’ve drawn all my life, but started taking it more seriously around 2015/2016, putting my art online and entering gallery shows. I use ink and digital most often! sakura pigma professional brush pen FB is the best pen on earth, fight me. For digital art I use procreate and adobe fresco. I like posca pens and gouache as well. I use moleskine and stillman and birn sketchbooks, strathmore marker paper is another fav."

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