Murals: How to
get wall space

- by Always Art Staff

Murals are a fun addition to public spaces, as they make cities look more vibrant and attractive. As an artist, having your art on city walls is a way to share it with the world and let people discover your message. It can boost your exposure and drive the local press to talk about you. Here’s how you can get opportunities to paint murals.

Have the skills to paint on a large-scale

It goes without saying that in order to get these painting opportunities, you need to have the painting skills to pull it off. Large-scale painting can be a challenge and requires a specific set of skills and knowledge. If you are a novice, there are online courses available to teach you how to do it. If you get stuck on specific areas, you may ask for help from experienced artists or online artist communities. Ask to help a group of artists who are painting their own murals so that you can learn from them and get trained in the process.

Start in your local community

You do not have to look far to find a mural-worthy site, start looking for empty walls in the area where you live. When starting out, you are more likely to get support from your local community than from people who don’t know you or your work. Look for buildings or walls that can be seen by large groups of people who are driving or walking—aim for traffic-dense areas. Compile a list of potential sites, visit them, and try to connect with the building owners to pitch your idea. Not everyone will welcome your proposal, but there are owners who appreciate art and are open to the idea of incorporating a mural on their property.

Additionally, reach out and submit your proposals to local restaurants, cafes, libraries, schools, organizations, non-profits, etc. Try to leverage your relationship with any of these organizations; it can be the restaurant where you usually eat, your former school, and so forth. Ask your network to introduce you to building owners if they have a relationship with any of them.

Do your first murals for free

When you are gaining experience with your first few murals, do it out of passion and make it easier to get the opportunity by offering it for free or for a low price. While you won’t make much profit, you will be able to add these projects to your portfolio and get more opportunities as a result. Send images to local press, post them on social media, and include them on your website. These public works will help you get your name out there and allow art industry stakeholders to learn about you.

Online presence is powerful

You need to be discoverable. It is impossible to stress enough the importance of social media. Stay active on your chosen platform, post your murals, tag their locations, and show your process. Furthermore, your website should display your murals with informational text. One of the first ways clients find muralists is through the internet, so make it easy for them to find you.

Take it seriously

Be serious about your mural work and treat it with a high level of professionalism. Stick to your commitments and be punctual with your deadlines. Eventually, you will have a good reputation and that will encourage more clients to work with you. A negative online review can hurt your career, so always be mindful of your image.


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