Value of a Group

- by Always Art Staff

Growing your career won’t happen alone. The journey will be much more successful and, more importantly, much more enjoyable if you have a community to share it with. Connecting with other artists in your field will give you a sense of belonging and support that are invaluable to having a fulfilling life. Beyond those factors, it will also provide you with access to advice, knowledge, and opportunities. Here are some benefits of being part of a collective, organization, circle of artist friends, or other group.

Sense of community

Joining an artist support group will allow you to discuss ideas with understanding and insightful listeners, commiserate about challenges and struggles, and gain insight and advice from others who have been in your position before. Being an artist can be isolating, but joining a support group, collective, or collaborative project can help you feel part of a larger purpose and give you a sense of social fulfillment.

Financial stability

Working with other artists to share a studio or rent a space to host a group exhibition can help you financially by allowing you to split costs. Monthly studio rent can be high and is often a barrier to entry for many artists. Finding someone to split the cost with you can be a game-changer.

Useful feedback

Being connected to other artists, whether through a course, a support group, or a studio building, can give you a chance to get constructive feedback on your work. Formal and informal critiques are valuable and will challenge you to grow your practice. If you know a group of artists, you may even want to consider organizing a group crit evening where everyone can get feedback on their work through an intellectual discussion.

Opportunities to learn

Being surrounded by other experienced artists means you can all benefit from the collective knowledge of art techniques, using various mediums, navigating industry challenges, or organizing business structures. Other artists can help you understand how to connect with galleries, organize their income and budget, or use tools and materials you never thought to explore.

Expanding your network

When you are part of a group, you will be introduced to the connections that those individuals have and expand your network. This can help you meet other artists and other professionals or collectors in the industry who you would not have connected with otherwise. Having an extended network is essential for growing your career, selling your work, and increasing your visibility.

Having more exhibitions

As a result of an extended network, you will have more opportunities to show your work and join or organize exhibitions. If you know a lot of artists, you can organize a group show. If you meet art administrators or professionals, you may find out about open calls or other exhibition opportunities that you can apply for or join in on to get your work seen by the broadest possible audience.


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