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#118 – Matty Mo

Matty Mo creates headlines, murals, and artwork under the name “The Most Famous Artist”

We talk with Matty about transitioning from the tech world to art, how he began gaining traction so quickly, and his new venture - an online database of resources and coaching for artists.

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Financial planning for your art career

by Clean Break Staff

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Pricing work

by Clean Break Team

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Industry Resources

by Always Art Staff

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Matty Mo


Matty Monahan (known professionally as Matty Mo) is a Los Angeles-based contemporary artist and marketing entrepreneur best known for creating the conceptual art group, "The Most Famous Artist." Through this platform, Monahan makes social media-themed installations, performance art , and exhibitions to challenge viewers to examine how technology and the Internet impact society. In 2017, Forbes published a feature on Monahan, promoting his innovative outlook on technologyThat same year, ABC News reported on his large-scale public installation in Los Angeles where he painted three residential homes bright pink as a commentary on class, community and digital legacy. Monahan's "#selfiewall" in the Venice Beach neighborhood in Los Angeles was dubbed by Los Angeles Magazine as being "The Most Instagramable Wall in L.A." and ABC's Nightline said his art is an "instagramer's dream.


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