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#097 – Richey Beckett

This week on the podcast we talk with Richey Beckett, an illustrator based in South Wales, UK. We chat with Richey about his time experimenting with different applications of ink, how he first started drawing, and his process for creating his pieces. We also talk about working with the heavy metal band - Mastodon, and his plans to travel more this year.

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Richey Beckett

Richey Beckett is a pen and ink illustrator based in rural Wales. He has lent his intricately detailed linework to record covers for some of the world's biggest bands. Drawing inspiration from biblical and natural history illustrators and engravers such as Doré, Durer and Bewick, the decorative flair of Art Nouveau, the striking colours of psychedelia, and the organic textures and patterns of nature, Beckett has crafted his own vivid visual language that expands with each piece.

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