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#025 – Secret Walls x POSCA - Mr B Baby & Dreyfus

Clean Break's Matt Gondek speaks with artists Mr. B Baby and Dreyfus, recorded live at the Secret Walls compound in collaboration with POSCA. Mr. B Baby is best known for her Mexican Maria rag doll and "Chucho" characters, which come to life through fine art, murals, and toys. Dreyfus's work has a strong message of positive mental health through her "Alter-Egos" depicting people experiencing joy. Clean Break talks with both artists about their upbringing, navigating the art market, and various other topics. Secret Walls is the world's largest art battle platform, and they have teamed up with POSCA to produce a series of free workshops on drawing, DIY design, and character building. Listen to the full episode now.

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Mr. B Baby & Drefus


Michelle Ruby, also known as Mr. B Baby, is a San Diego-born Latina artist who draws inspiration from her rich heritage and Puerto Rican/Mexican upbringing. Her artwork is a vibrant reflection of her community and culture, combining vivid colors with traditional imagery to create striking and lively compositions. Through her art, Mr. B Baby aims to uplift her audience and captivate viewers, infusing her creations with messages that are open to interpretation. She endeavors to bring happiness and joy to collectors and her community, while also addressing deeper themes and ideas.

Growing up in a predominantly Spanish-speaking household with her single mother and older sister, Michelle was influenced by her mother's strong work ethic and artistic aspirations. After obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts, she returned to her hometown of San Diego to focus on her career. Balancing her role as a mother, Michelle taught art full-time, but her passion for creating led her to pursue a full-time artistic career in Los Angeles. Despite the challenges she faced, Mr. B Baby's perseverance and determination have allowed her to showcase her artwork in galleries such as Chimmaya Gallery, Just another Gallery, and Chicano Park Gallery. As a muralist, she has worked with notable clients including Random House and San Diego Weekly. Michelle's art is a delightful fusion of Mexican folk art and children's book aesthetics, intertwining cultural elements with a playful touch. Her creations serve as a testament to her personal experiences, advocating for positive mental health and offering inspiration to others through her artistic journey.

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Dreyfus is a mixed media artist based in Boise, Idaho.

For Dreyfus, art is really about building relationships. Between artist and viewer, artist and collaborator. She hopes that her art and subjects will resonate with people in their day-to-day lives.

Dreyfus has created an entire world that exists in her mind depicting humans as alter egos of themselves, coming out to play and experience joy in an everyday life without judgement.

Her work has been commissioned by Specialized Bicycles, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Urban Outfitters, Pandora, Bloomberg Opinion, Verizon, a few sock companies, the band Phish, and the middle school down the street from where she lives.

Dreyfus continues to broaden her art practice by working in different mediums, collaborating with artists of all sorts, and challenging herself to go on new art adventures.


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