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#033 – Maxime Richard

Join Matt as he dives deep into a conversation with Maxime Richard, the mastermind behind Maximus Communications. Discover how Maxime's profound relationships with elite media and influencers have become the bedrock of his agency's achievements. Listen in and uncover the secrets behind the impressive media coverage his clients receive in esteemed outlets like VOGUE, The New York Times, GQ, ELLE, The Wall Street Journal, T Magazine, Architectural Digest, and Wallpaper. Don't miss this chance to get inside the world of top-tier media communications! Listen to the full episode now.

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Matt Gondek


Matt Gondek is a Deconstructive Pop Artist, whose work is possessed with a punk rock spirit, celebrating rebellion and destruction. With a visceral pop color palette and a disarmingly playful tone, he tears down cartoon idols, akin to slaughtering our modern day gods. Born in 1982, his creative voice is rooted in the 90s; as a true conduit of his generation and their potentially pointless search for meaning and purpose amidst a cruel life in a flawed world. He boasts sold out exhibitions in his home of Los Angeles as well as New York, Paris, Bangkok, and Hong Kong.


  • Missing Person - November 2022 - Tokyo
  • Discipline - February 2022 - Mexico City
  • RATS - August 2021 - Los Angeles
  • Original Character - April 2021 - New York
  • Mood Swings - October 2020 - Paris
  • CONTROL - November 2019 - Los Angeles
  • Clean Break - April 2019 - Bangkok
  • Growing Pains - November 2018 - Hong Kong
  • Clean Break - May 2018 - New York
  • American Gods - November 2017 - Hong Kong
  • Glow in the Dark - September 2017 - Los Angeles
  • Unholy Hand - November 2015 - Detroit
  • Struggles - April 2015 - Pittsburgh
  • Kill 'Em All - September 2014 - Pittsburgh

Maxime Richard

As founder of Maximus Communications, Maxime’s long-standing relationships with top-tier media and influencers are the cornerstone of the agency’s success. The results of his relationships and creative editorially-driven story ideas yield impressive media coverage for his clients in premium outlets including VOGUE, The New York Times, GQ, ELLE, The Wall Street Journal, T Magazine, Architectural Digest, and Wallpaper.

About Maximus Communications

Maximus Communications is an enthusiastic, results-driven, creative storytelling, and collaborative PR firm that will propel your brand to new heights. A leader in luxury public relations and marketing, Maxime Richard honed his craft throughout his 15 years of experience with some of the top brands across the globe. With passion, enthusiasm, and a proven track record, Maxime works alongside critically acclaimed designers, artists, and tastemakers to elevate, envision, and execute custom, high-impact strategies, campaigns, and events.


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