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#027 – Dan Lam

Matt talks with Texas-based artist Dan Lam - known for her “drippy” sculptures and use of vibrant color. With no guides or instructions available, Dan’s work was organically discovered and refined through her own experimentation. We discuss how she went from teaching art appreciation to exhibiting in galleries, her creative process and the materials used in the work, sales, the benefits of working with a PR company, getting press, and a lot more. Listen to the full episode now.

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Dan Lam

Dan Lam, an American sculptor of Vietnamese ancestry, was born in the Philippines to Vietnamese refugee parents. When she was just an infant, her small family journeyed to Texas, initially settling in Houston. Eventually, Lam and her mother moved to Dallas, a city that would play a pivotal role in shaping her artistic journey. Fuelled by an inherent passion for fine arts, Lam pursued an academic path that complemented her creative leanings. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of North Texas in 2010 and went on to complete a Master's program in Fine Arts at Arizona State University, graduating in 2014. It was at the Harry Wood Gallery in Tempe, Arizona, where she presented her thesis exhibition, "Can I Touch," that she first garnered attention for her unique artistic style. Renowned for her 'drippy' sculptures, Lam's art masterfully juxtaposes vibrant colors and unusual materials such as polyurethane foam, acrylic paint, and epoxy resin. Her innovative works challenge the boundaries of perception, blurring the lines between attraction and repulsion, organic and inanimate, seriousness and playfulness, soft and hard. She excels at evoking thoughtful consideration of shifting perceptions and lines, crafting a space where beauty might abruptly flip into the grotesque. Some of her eye-catching pieces range from smooth, liquid-like surfaces radiating in intense, bright colors to spiky, dangerous-looking forms, and even ones adorned with Swarovski crystal rhinestones.

Matt Gondek


Matt Gondek is a Deconstructive Pop Artist, whose work is possessed with a punk rock spirit, celebrating rebellion and destruction. With a visceral pop color palette and a disarmingly playful tone, he tears down cartoon idols, akin to slaughtering our modern day gods. Born in 1982, his creative voice is rooted in the 90s; as a true conduit of his generation and their potentially pointless search for meaning and purpose amidst a cruel life in a flawed world. He boasts sold out exhibitions in his home of Los Angeles as well as New York, Paris, Bangkok, and Hong Kong.


  • Missing Person - November 2022 - Tokyo
  • Discipline - February 2022 - Mexico City
  • RATS - August 2021 - Los Angeles
  • Original Character - April 2021 - New York
  • Mood Swings - October 2020 - Paris
  • CONTROL - November 2019 - Los Angeles
  • Clean Break - April 2019 - Bangkok
  • Growing Pains - November 2018 - Hong Kong
  • Clean Break - May 2018 - New York
  • American Gods - November 2017 - Hong Kong
  • Glow in the Dark - September 2017 - Los Angeles
  • Unholy Hand - November 2015 - Detroit
  • Struggles - April 2015 - Pittsburgh
  • Kill 'Em All - September 2014 - Pittsburgh

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