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#030 – Alex Pardee

Alex Pardee began his art career in the late 90's. Now more than 20 years strong, Alex shares what he's learned over time and gives insight on his different projects.

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Alex Pardee


Alex Pardee was born on February 5, 1976, in Antioch, California, and currently lives in the San Francisco Bay area.

The grotesque images of the Garbage Pail Kids trading cards and Tales From the Crypt comic books inspired a love of drawing and painting in young Alex, who began sketching and painting graffiti on walls. He later began photocopying collections of his sketches and creating homemade "books," which he distributed around the Bay area in public waiting rooms, often secreting them between the pages of tattoo and porn magazines.

In 1999, some artist friends convinced Alex to have his crude collections printed professionally, and after scraping together enough cash, he published My Book of Colors.

Pardee has exhibited in galleries worldwide and has directed numerous music as well animation and film projects. He has collaborated with bands such as The Used, In Flames and hip-hop artist Cage, and worked with companies such as Warner Bros., Reprise Records, Freeze Management, Hurley International, KidRobot, Twenty Twenty Skateboards and more.


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