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#026 – Jan Kaláb

We speak with artist Jan Kalab - an artist whose work has been described as nuclear, bombastic, and looking like a thermal wave. From cutting his teeth on the 90’s graffiti scene in Czechoslovakia, Jan’s work has transitioned from the streets to the fine art world. We discuss his first solo exhibitions, running his own gallery Trafačka, and the art market in his current home of Prague. We also dive into how he creates his work, which uses colorful squares and circles as an obsessive vocabulary for infinite variations around depth, time, and motion. Listen to the full episode now.

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Jan Kaláb

Jan Kalab, also known as Point, is a prominent Czech contemporary artist and muralist. Emerging from the graffiti scene, Kalab has evolved his style to create visually captivating works characterized by bold geometric forms, vibrant colors, and a fusion of abstraction and graffiti aesthetics. His art can be seen in galleries, exhibitions, and public spaces around the world, adding vibrancy and creativity to urban environments. With a passion for public art and community engagement, Kalab actively contributes to urban revitalization projects and aims to make art accessible to all. Jan Kalab, aka Point, is a renowned Czech artist and muralist. Known for his bold use of geometric shapes and vibrant colors, Kalab's works merge abstraction and graffiti aesthetics. From his beginnings in the graffiti scene, he has expanded his reach to exhibit in galleries worldwide and has left his mark on numerous public spaces. Kalab's art reflects movement and energy, and he actively engages in community projects to bring art to urban environments and inspire viewers. His commitment to public art and accessibility contributes to his status as a significant figure in the contemporary art world.

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