Baghead (BH) is a self-taught artist with a focus on woodworking and graphic design. He creates his sketches on paper or digital format, then builds them into three-dimensional sculptures, murals or fully immersive installations. The repeated imagery and themes in his work, which include canines, ducks, snakes, flames and chains, pay homage to his South Florida upbringing. Furthermore, each animal or object symbolizes fear, vulnerability or open-mindedness to change around him and in his practice. He has developed his own universe and distinct language that provides a small window into the artist’s imagination. BH was born and raised in the suburbs of South Florida. He draws inspiration from his upbringing in skateboarding, tattoo culture and wood shop classes in high school. After recovering from a skateboarding accident, and navigating through some growing pains, BH devoted himself to making work that speaks his truth. Past exhibitions include Art Whino (Washington DC), Superchief (New York), Thinkspace (Los Angeles), Stolen Space (London), Gauntlet (San Francisco), Subliminal Projects (Los Angeles), Vs. Gallery (Australia) and Vertical (Chicago.) He has also shown in Scope Art Fair during Art Basel Miami Beach, the Honolulu Museum during Pow Wow Hawaii, as well as Secret Walls in Puerto Rico, Tampa and Miami. Co-branded art collaborations include Adidas, Apple, Converse, Heineken, Juxtapoz, Miami Heat (NBA), Pabst Blue Ribbon, Redbull and Toyqube.

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Category: Artist

Location: United States

Insta @baghead

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