Andrew Hosner

Andrew Hosner is the co-founder and owner of Thinkspace Gallery, one of the most well-respected contemporary art galleries in Los Angeles. With a passion for art that dates back to his childhood, Hosner has spent over two decades in the art world, working tirelessly to promote emerging and established artists alike.

In addition to running Thinkspace, Andrew is also an accomplished curator and writer, with a keen eye for talent and an unwavering commitment to the arts. He has curated dozens of exhibitions at the gallery, featuring a wide range of mediums and styles, and has written extensively about contemporary art for a variety of publications.

Under Andrew's leadership, Thinkspace has become known for its commitment to fostering a sense of community and collaboration within the art world. The gallery's annual "Beyond the Streets" exhibition, which showcases the best in street art and graffiti, has become a must-see event for art enthusiasts and collectors alike, and the gallery's extensive online presence has helped to democratize the art world, making it more accessible and inclusive for all.

Andrew remains deeply passionate about the arts and committed to supporting emerging artists. Through his work at Thinkspace and beyond, he has become a leading figure in the contemporary art world, and a driving force for positive change and innovation within the industry.

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Location: United States

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