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#068 – Angelonce & Goopmassta

We talk with Goop and Angel about their collaborations and how their iconic characters came to be - Angel's Charlie the Angry Elephant & Goop's Hip Hop Frog. We also talk about mural work, recent projects and loads more.

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Something about the art of AngelOnce-- the way he flows with a spray can has caught the attention of young and mature audiences alike. He is the original creator of the Pink Angry Elephant and graffiti artist. From painting walls, murals to galleries and most recently with his new obsession of hand crafting one of a kind designer toys. He came out with his pink elephant character and has been since seen painting across Southern California. His philosophy for accomplishment is to continue to push hard and spread the angry elephant love across all nations.


GoopMassta is a well-known artist, who is recognized for his character, an amphibious iconic frog with a big personality and even bigger dreams. GoopMassta immerses himself in his craft, educating himself every day, to continue to grow and learn, but he also never forgets to have fun! Through GoopMassta’s art you are sure to be dazzled with his colors, flow, and a unique sense of style. He believes positivity, confidence, and believing in yourself is the key to success. Never take yourself too seriously, life is an adventure and it should be enjoyed to the fullest!

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